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RCSWin is a complete solution for shell and tube heat exchanger design.  Users of RCSWin are able to design equipment for a variety of services, from the simplest of applications to extremely complex designs.  The pages below show how RCSWin handles various aspects of the design process.

Customers interested in purchasing the RCSWin software have a few options.  The first purchasing option is purchasing licenses on a user by user basis; as many licenses as necessary can be purchased.  The second option is a network license, which can offer substantial savings over purchasing individual licenses if several people will need access to the RCS software.  The third option is leasing the software.  Leasing is usually used for companies that do not necessarily fabricate shell and tube exchangers on a full time basis, and do not need access to the software continuously, or as an extended trial purchase prior to buying licenses. 

In addition to the full software package, a couple of other stand alone programs are offered for purchase:
RCS Interactive Tube Layout Program - includes the full tube layout program and CNC drill program.
ASME UHX Tubesheet Calculations

We would be happy to provide a quote, as well as a trial version of the software to interested parties.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested or with any questions.  Our contact information can be found here.