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There was a problem in the 01.01.14 update.  When updating material files (Mtall.11a to Mtall.13), some materials could have been improperly updated.  RCSWin keeps material files dating back to 1998, and the software has been checking the header data from the source material database and comparing it to the destination material database and trying to find a match.  This works fine as long as the "Include Notes" in the search options is set to "Yes".  If this search option is set to "No", the program searches all header data except for the Notes.  Since some materials have the same header data except for the Notes, i.e., bolting, stainless materials with high and low stresses, this created problems with updating these specific materials.

This update includes the Section II part D material files with the Material ID for 11A and 13 search files.  From .11A on, the search can be done using just the Material ID, which will greatly simplify updating your material files.  RCS 2013 Mtall.13 will be updated with this install.  If you have not run the .11a to .13 update [Tools][Setup][Material Update], and you use the RCS mtall.13 file, nothing else needs to be done after installing this update.

If you have already updated your .11A materials to .13 then you will need to run it again per the procedure below:

Run [Tools][Setup][Material Update] and click the button "Set Material in Source Data for 11A".  This will import the Material ID for all your materials in your current mtall.11a.  Then run the update to .13 with the "Search on Material ID" set to "Yes".

If you have materials in your .11a that are not ASME code materials, after you have updated .13 per the procedure above, you can move these materials to .13 from .11a with the following procedure:

- Goto [Tools][Setup][Materials]
- Set Current RCS Material file to 11a.
- Load material that you want to put into .13
- Set Current RCS Material file to .13.
- Click on the button "Current to Edit Print" and get RCS MT Number.
- Click on the button "Save to RCS Database" and then "Search RCS Database to Select MT Number for Save" and save to same RCS Number.
- You can use this procedure to move any material from one material database to another.

Two new external pressure charts were added in the 2013 update.  This update fixes the programs to correctly access these new charts.

All UHX examples have been added to the RCSWin\interactive_files folder.